MAQ's super stain-bursting hand washing powder has a high active formula that works really hard on tough stains, so you don't have to. it's great for whites and colours and will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Product Tip

Want you clothes to last longer? Follow the care instruction on the label. Water that is too hot for example, can shrink fibres and cause colours to bleed. Not sure? Reach for the cold tap. MAQ's stain-busting power is strong enough to work it's magic even in cold water.


MAQ Auto has an advanced combination of actives and enzymes that are specially formulated for top performance in washing machines.


Too much of a good thing? It happens! MAQ is designed to work best using the dosages provided. Too much or Too little washing powder can affect your machine's ability to wash clothes effectively and can lead to grey washing. For those loads that might need a little extra magic - opt for a pre-wash treatment with a MAQ soap bar.


Few things can beat the smell of laundry fresh out of the wash. Now with MAQ Soft Fabric Conditioner's encapsulated technology, that fresh feeling lasts longer than ever. Our special fragrance pearls are deposited directly into the fabric during the rinse cycle, and continue to release that blissful just washed scent as you move.

MAQ Soft fabric Conditioner also helps your clothes look newer for longer by lightly conditioning fibres. This smoothing process also helps to reduce static cling. Adding fabric conditioner to you rinse cycle means clothes come out less creased and easier to iron.


For best results, always add MAQ Soft fabric conditioner to the rinse cycle only - and never directly to fabrics.


Kind to your skin and laundry and even kinder to your pocket, this convenient multipurpose bar is a household essential. MAQ soap combines vegetable oil & glycerine making it mild and gentle enough to use on your family's skin, but tough enough to tackle dirty household tasks. It takes care of all your laundry needs, is especially effective for stain removal AND can do double duty in the kitchen as a dish detergent where it leaves pots, pans and cutlery sparkling clean.


Use MAQ bar as a pre-treatment on tough stains - give cuffs and collar (and the underside of those school socks) an extra scrub with this convenient bar before tossing them into the machine for some extra cleaning power.